The Heart of Joa Lab

by Joa Lab | June 26th, 2024

The Heart of Joa Lab - Malaysia`s Natural Skincare Brand 

We believe beauty is simple, pure, and clean. 

Joa Lab exists to address your skin concerns, raise your health awareness and bring you back to nature by providing natural and organic healthy lifestyle products.
We believe every person is connected with nature since birth. With this belief, we keep the products as close to nature as possible.
We do this because studies have shown that people who are more connected with nature not only tend to be happier in life but are also more in tune with their bodies and mind. It is important to reconnect, as time in nature can improve our overall well-being, including mental health. At Joa Lab, we hope to take you back to nature, back to the very basics, because beauty is the whole experience.

Our Vision

To make the world healthier.


Our Mission

We make healthy and sustainable skincare accessible to all.


Our Promise

  • 100% Vegan

  • Designed for Sensitive Skin

  • Sustainably Made

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