About Us


Founder and Owner of Joa Lab Organic Skincare 

      Worked as a chemist in the US and a certified organic skincare formulator graduated from accredited Organic Skincare School in the UK. 

     "I wanted to help and inspire people to be more mindful of what they use and what they put in their skin everyday.This journey began in 2019, Joannie began her study of natural ingredients and slowly swapped synthetic skincare products to clean and safe ingredients. She discovered that most cosmetic industries and brands produce unsafe chemicals that can worsen your skin conditions. Many hidden chemicals and overuse of plastic bottles are also harmful to human and wildlife when they get into the environment.

      "When I started the study of natural ingredients, and the use of natural skincare. It really changed my lifestyle." Having struggles with anxiety and stress. And over time became more and more aware the importance to be true for her physical and mental wellbeing. We came to better understand our body needs to encourage a slower, appreciate the nature and able to make more mindful approaches to self-care/self-loves.
     Thank you so much for being on this journey with us. Let’s make our beauty routines more natural, cleaner, kinder to the skin, and our true selves.


Our Philosophy:
JOA LAB® is a natural body & vegan skincare brand based in Malaysia.  Our products are made from simple and effective natural ingredients, vegan and free from harmful additives. We use eco and organic certified ingredients whenever possible. Our raw ingredients and products are never tested on animals.

Our Packaging:
We really care about the environment and the future of our planet, whenever possible we use recyclable packaging material for our products. We also issue electronic invoice instead of printed one for our customers.